Saying "no" to Subway

Monday morning. It was an interesting weekend. I got a fair amount accomplished on Saturday and not much of anything done on Sunday. This wouldn't be such a bad thing if it weren't for the fact that I'd planned on going to the office for three hours over the weekend to get things done. In the end, I spent about an hour there and got a few things done but not the "big ticket" items that are due this afternoon. Sigh. You know what really sucks? Not being able to work on big projects during normal business hours, that's what!

On a positive note, however, I did make several really good decisions for my health yesterday. While I was driving home from work, I was starting to crave something other than my prepared meal - stuffed shells with green beans and berry cobbler - and started thinking about which Subway sandwich to get. Suddenly, I remembered that, the last few times I've eaten there, my feet and toes have hurt afterwards, which is a sure sign of high blood sugar for me. Just the remembrance of that, along with the fact that I've got a homecoming game to attend in six and a half weeks, made me drive straight home, put on my walking shoes, complete my 60 minute brisk walk, then eat the stuffed shells meal. As if knowing I'd made the right decision weren't enough reward, the scale showed a 0.8 pound loss this morning from yesterday morning's weight and that's definitely helping to keep me on the straight and narrow for this week.


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