Some good, some not...Overall, I'll take it

Thursday night. OK, it's October 1st on the East Coast, so I just went ahead and did my monthly weigh-in and measurements tonight and, only for the truly brave, I've also added a little something special to my before and after page. (Seriously, do not view the picture page unless you're comfortable with a lot of fat. A. Lot.) So, the unfortunate news is that I only lost 1/2" around my waist and not a thing from my abdomen (aka The Great, White Ball of Fat). I also only lost five pounds. In an entire month. Well, I could have gained, so I'll take that. I'll also, most definitely, take the 4% drop in my body fat! Someone, one day, really needs to explain how I can lose body fat and not lose any fat from my body. I really think "body fat percentage" must be misnamed or something.

I can't believe I just put a picture of the hugest stomach in the entire world on the Internet. I suppose it will be lovely to look at one day when I'm svelte and beaming with good health. Right now, it just makes me wonder what I've been doing for the last few months and - HORROR! - what must I have looked like before I lost the 31 pounds? Doesn't bear thinking about.


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