Sometimes the best way to deal with food is not at all

Friday morning. Yesterday was one of our World Famous potlucks here in my humble corner of VLSCI. These events are so wildly popular that we have created a series of cookbooks to contain all of the recipes. I was originally planning on bringing along the Cheeselog a la Manny (a recipe I got from a former colleague - Manny) but then thought about the fact that I'd be really tempted to snarf one of everything on the table, so I opted out of the potluck festivities entirely. I tried to avoid the area with food so as not to push my luck and it worked like a charm. No food in me except my prepared meal and I didn't even feel deprived. The fact that my scheduled looked like "eight hours of meetings, 20 minutes with Denise", as one of my team members pointed out later, probably helped a lot. If you're not around, it's hard to be tempted.

Is it Friday yet? It is??? Oh, thank you God!


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