Thursday morning. This is sort of sad, really. I know that we all want the fashion industry to realize that women are not just the little, bitty things that they currently cater to, but I happen to be one of those that (when I'm not in my "boa constrictor who's just eaten an elephant" tummy mode) fits the hour glass shape and I've always loved showing it off. I know I'm in the minority with that and I really am pleased for everyone for whom this might mean smaller tailoring bills. Besides, no one has ever really designed for the hour glass anyway, no matter what the fashion industry might think. They design (essentially) for a flat chested woman with an absolutely flat stomach and hips where you can see the bones sticking out - no one that I know looks like that. I'd be happy if someone, somewhere actually did their designing for, say, a size 18 (American size) woman and then sized up and down from there to fill in the other sizes. At least then, those of us in the upper ranges (20 and on) would have a snowball's chance of getting something that fits us in the waist and doesn't look like MC Hammer pants from the waist down.

Thus ends today's rant. Unless, of course, something hoarks me off at work. I reserve the right to rant again if hoarked.


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