When the only thing stopping you from committing homicide is concern about where to hide the body

Thursday afternoon. Some days, it just doesn't pay nearly enough to be a manager. I know I've complained before and I know I'll do it again, but today really is a banner day.

I've found approximately seven critical documents that have been received and should have been delivered already but have not because one of my employees let them slip. Angry. Very angry. My whole team will be held accountable by our customers for these misses and I think that's what really gets to me. It's not that he made mistakes (we all do that) but that there were so many and they so easily could have and should have been caught if only he'd done some sort of rudimentary QA of his reports. That doesn't even count the items that have been delivered internally for a month and yet not sent for approval, of which there are many as well. I grant you that we're in September and none of these products are releasing for several months but, and here's the big picture view, if you don't keep up with things as you go, you end up begging, pleading, and cajoling approval contacts in November and December and that's not how things work on my team.

Why is it that I, who have never performed the job function he does, can spot these errors in an hour of reviewing his report and yet he has not in the hours, days, weeks, and months of time he's had to do so? I want to scream. Really.

Oh, but, in a positive development, I'm riding on a three day roll of working out. Two nights of 60 minute walks and Leslie Sansone's Three Mile Walk Away the Pounds video night before last and last night's walk was pretty easy, to be honest. I definitely got a workout, but it wasn't painful or unpleasant or anything like that. Heck, if I'm not careful, I could end up not hating working out!


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