Brush with celebrity

Saturday night. Well, you can cross one of my "must do before I die"s off of the list because...I've met Yvonne! You can read her account of it and it's fairly accurate but she left out one very small detail - her picture just doesn't do her justice. This is one gorgeous woman, let me tell you! And funny, too. You know how she reads? Well, she's just the same in real life. If it weren't for the whole unemployment-and-can't-afford-my-shopping-addiction thing, I'd move out here and bother her for Saturday breakfast every weekend. Fortunately for everyone, I'm a California girl with a passion for Chanel, Kate Spade, and Tiffany, and I'm just too old to change now.

Today's itinerary, after the highlight of the day, was much smaller than yesterday's seven hour, nearly seven mile odyssey. We had a few little hiccups along the way due to a Metro detour that caused an additional transfer in order to get into town and back to Silver Spring, but that didn't stop us. Slowed us down, yes, but we soldiered on nevertheless. First, we hit the National Book Festival - checking out the various authors speaking and the many interesting pavillions featuring literacy organizations and such - then tootled over to the World War II Memorial (very moving), before ending up at the Ellipse and the finale for the Tour of Hope bike ride. We didn't actually go into the finale grounds (because we were already pretty wiped out), but we got to see all of the cyclists and some of the festivities before we popped back on the Metro to Union Station for lunch and some shopping. At Imposters costume jewelry store, Mom bought me a beautiful Diamonique pendant for my birthday. The chain and setting are all 14K gold and the CZ is just spectacular and looks just like my earrings, which are the real thing. After shopping and eating, the Metro shuttled us (after several extra transfers) back to the hotel. Whew, I'm tired just reading it.

So, tomorrow it's back home and the everyday routine. Our flights leave at noon and 1pm, so we'll be at the airport about 10am, which is not entirely unreasonable. You know what's odd, though? Football doesn't start until like 1pm here - what's up with that? How are you supposed to watch JB, Howie, Terry and Jimmy while eating breakfast and sipping coffee if it's not on until noon? This is terribly confusing. In any case, we're both connecting through Chicago, so please pray for us. It's odd, you know, how the end of a trip - whether for business or pleasure - always makes me feel sort of melancholy. I love San Diego, I love my life, and I know that I wouldn't get on well here at all, but I always get this way when I travel. Still, my prepared meals will be waiting for me and it will be back to the routine Monday morning.

By the way, for anyone interested in my efforts at better health (remember when that's what this site was about?), I managed only two formal workouts while I was here, but I also put at least 11 miles of casual walking on my feet, legs, and shoes, so that's not too bad. My food, however, leaves a lot more to be desired. We won't even discuss the alcohol. I'm really just hoping this doesn't put me back over 226 because I will cry if I have to take my latest charm off of my bracelet. Really. Cry.


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