Do Good

Wednesday morning. I've taken the first step on my journey to becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA/ and I'm so completely excited about what I'll be doing. Last night's classes were an introduction to the organization, it's mission, and it's history and a primer on reading court documents. Both classes were fascinating and the 200 minutes just flew past. Some of the statistics we learned:

* Each social worker in San Diego County works with approximately 50 children
* Each public defender working with children in SD County (not the delinquent children, just the dependent children) is assigned to 100 or more children
* The judges working in family court in SD County have about 500 children each assigned to them

The CASAs are the only person in this system who have only one child (or one family) to work with, and are usually the only consistent adult figure in that child's life during their assignment (a minimum of 18 months). Once I've completed my 34 hours of training, five written assignments, FBI/CA DoJ background check, procuring three letters of recommendation, and mock court report, I will graduate and be sworn in by a Superior Court judge in front of my friends and family. I am so excited.

For the first time in my life, I'll be making a positive contribution and giving something back to the world instead of just cruising along in my self-absorbed little world. What a way to kick off my thirty-eighth year!


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