Drinking too much, cute boys, walking, and then some more walking

Friday evening. Waking up this morning was excruciating. Well, to be more accurate, getting up this morning was excruciating, as I didn't actually get any sleep last night. Some serious drinking of hard alcohol was done last night, including this funky mix of Red Bu11 and whiskey, and it left me feeling buzzed and my heart racing with the speed junkie stuff in Red Bull. Yikes! I got up, though, and made it to my meetings right on time (8:30am). It was not pretty - nor was I - but I did what I had to do.

Once the meetings were done, Mom and I headed out to Dupont Circle for lunch and then a three mile walking tour around the Georgetown area. Once we'd done Embassy Row and were back in the Metro station, we decided to go to the National Cathedral, so we hopped on the Metro then got off and tried to find the #30 bus to the Cathedral. After waiting a few minutes, we decided to just walk it instead. Turns out to be about 1-1/2 miles each way, so it appears that we did about six miles of walking today, did my 65 year old mother and I - wow!

LATE BREAKING NEWS: Congratulations, Dan, my new friend, Scott, and the rest of the Red Sox Nation. The better team, clearly, won. Now it's time to put away the hatchet (I wasn't really going to use it, I was just kidding) and focus on the most important task of all - beating the Yankees and then winning the World Series. We did it in 2002, now it's your turn. Use The Force!


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