Embracing my inner optimist

Monday morning. Let's start off with some good news, shall we? I don't have to remove my little can of mustard seed from my charm bracelet because (even after a weekend of wine and too much food) I'm down to 222, which is four pounds below my 30 pounds lost goal. WooHoo. I really wasn't looking forward to having to take that off! Even better, my friend Tracy's birthday gift for me was a red enamelled running shoe charm, so I'm just six pounds from being able to add another beautiful charm to the collection. Remember, health benefits and smaller dress sizes are important, but it's really all about the bright, sparkly stuff!

The weekend was awesome! I drank lots of wine, saw some amazing vistas from the various wineries we visited, and spent some good, quality time with Tracy, too. Sunday morning, bright and early, we pulled on our walking wear and got ourselves to the (beautiful) starting line for our 5K, which turned out to be about 30 people and included a couple of not-insubstantial hills, which made me feel like a rock star when I finished. Yes, it was six minutes slower than my fastest 5K time from last year (when I was in marathon training), but I'll take it. After the walk, we headed to downtown San Luis Obispo for Starbucks, shopping at Borders (I've got Tracy, my dad, and my friend Tony all taken care of for Christmas now!), and strolling around the wonderful shops and restaurants.

I left about 1pm, pointed the rented Ford Escap# to the south, and zoomed into the Los Angeles Metropolitan area with only one objective in mind: meet Shannin! After having known each other through the 'Net for well over a year now (we originally met on a discussion board at eD1ets.com) and lived no more than 100 miles apart, we finally met just as she's getting ready to move a thousand miles from here. LOL. It was so amazing, meeting her in person, and she's really as bubbly and vivacious as she appears in writing. I also must say that the picture she's got posted on her profile just doesn't do her justice; this is a gorgeous girl, folks. I'm so excited for her, changing her life and making a fresh start - so tempting sometimes - and I know that she's going to be happy and successful, because that's just the type of person she is. Southern California's loss is definitely Minnesota's gain!

Finally, my thought for the day comes courtesy of Sarah, who said the following in an email to me: "Embrace your inner optimist, girlfriend; she's your unsung hero". Wow, I hadn't thought about it quite that way before, but I will now. Thanks, Sarah!


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