Happiness should be contagious

Friday evening. Still at work but it's been a really awesome day. I'm wearing cute jeans, matching sweater, and a really comfy hoodie, with Chuck Taylor-esque sneakers (someone explain to Jenniy what that means, wouldja?), no makeup, and a song in my heart. I so wish that I could bottle today, distill it down to a powder or tasty liquid that I could keep in my medicine cabinet for the inevitable day that nothing will fit, I'll gain 10 pounds in a day, and my stomach will swallow an entire city. Why isn't happiness more like the flu or that wretched cold thing that will make everyone miserable this year? Who wouldn't be happy to catch it? "Dude, can I come over? You seem really happy and I want to catch me some of that!" We'd have vaccines to ensure that you did catch happiness and places that you could go to be exposed, just in case there wasn't enough of it around you to make sure you caught it.

Mr Bush, Mr Kerry, let's talk about a health care initiative for America that would have a real impact.


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