Here, there, and everywhere

Friday afternoon. I'm so tired. Not just physically tired, although that's true, too, but that deep-down in your bones weariness that makes everything more difficult and magnifies every little bump in the road into an obstacle of Herculean proportions.

Tonight is my 20th Anniversary high school football game and I was supposed to leave at noon so that I could be there in plenty of time and not have to fight traffic. Due to my procrastination, my Wednesday meeting had to be rescheduled to 3pm, which will put me on the road about 4pm and should get me to the game just as they kick off. Somehow, just that knowledge makes me feel like a balloon that's had all of its air let out. Yes, I look pretty fabulous (that's according to others, not my own opinion) in my crimson suede blazer, crisp white shirt, jeans, and high heeled boots, but I'm just not feeling it, you know? I'd better make sure I've got some good tunes for the (extended) drive up there - that will help lift this funkification.

Happy Halloween weekend, all!


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