Friday morning (thank goodness). What if you could just live your life doing things that normal people do, focusing on something other than you, your weight, and how miserable your weight makes you? What if, out of the blue, life just started to gel, and you realized that being around a large group of people in a small room mightn't be so awful after all? What if you decided - on a whim - that a brisk, Fall Friday would be a good time to drag those cute jeans that don't fit out to see how much more you need to lose before they'll fit you only to find yourself wearing them to work with a dumb smile on your face and tears of joy barely restrained?

Imagine a world where you forget to order your prepared meals and, when faced with the prospect of having to fend for yourself and make actual choices about what to eat for four days, in fact end up effortlessly making good choices and eating like a normal person would without obsessing about every bite. Let your mind whirl still further into the fantastic, the nonsensical, and imagine now that you haven't exercised since Sunday morning and you've been eating like a normal, non-dieting person and still, instead of total chaos and insanity, you find yourself strangely calm and centered.

It's freaky, Man...just freaky. But I like it.


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