In which we discuss the feasibility of two miracles in one not entirely long (thus far) lifetime

Wednesday morning. OK, so, why am I up and posting at the equivalent of 2:22am Pacific time? Because I'm sharing a hotel room with my mother, who's been snoring. Yikes! I got about six hours before I woke up, though, and I think that's liveable. I'm just killing time until the hotel fitness center opens at 7am. (Yes. Really. Seven am. What's up with that? How is a working girl supposed to get her 40 minute walk/jog session in before her slightly intimidating meeting at 9am? Honestly!)

Yesterday went amazingly well. My flights were both early and (oh, blessed day!) I got moved to an Economy Plus exit row window seat for the leg from Denver to Reagan National. This, to the uninitiated, is pretty much the highest level of achievement a business traveler in cattle (Coach) class can expect. I think I heard the band of cherubim start in as I sank happily into my seat and stretched my legs out as far as they would go just to put my tippy toes on the arm rests in front of me. Ahhhh. That and my CSI: Miami Season One DVD and I was in a state of bliss.

Then, upon arrival in Washington, my bag was in one piece, the TSA-approved lock was happily dangling from my joined zipper pulls, and I didn't hurt any innocent bystanders while pulling the monster from the conveyer belt. Life really doesn't get better than that. My friend and work colleague, Kathi, got in right on time and we had time to peruse the shops at the airport before Mom's flight arrived (early). We hopped on the Metro and, after a few missteps, off we went. We were checked in and ready to go out for dinner by 6pm Eastern, which is a lot earlier than I'd expected.

In case you're wondering about the title of today's post, it refers to my beloved Anaheim Angels and their chances of "going all the way" again this year. Because of my well-known (and awfully rare, come to that) devotion to the boys from Anaheim, people keep asking me, "can they do it again, Denise?" My answer, always, is that I never expected to see them win the World Series once in my lifetime, much less twice, so I have no expectations at all. None.

That being said - this is for Dan - GO ANGELS!!!


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