An ode to my (fabulous) team

Thursday morning. I was thinking, on my way home last night, about how incredibly lucky I am to have the team that I do. In fact, to be honest, what I was really thinking is that I don't deserve them. We've been without one member of the team since Labor Day (over seven weeks now), and they've just been stepping up - without a complaint - and getting the job done for our customers. Their quality hasn't dipped. Their incredibly positive, engaged attitude hasn't changed or faltered. And they haven't missed a single deadline or slipped a milestone. Not one. They're not procrastinating on tasks and throwing them together at the last second. None of them would ever be so slack-a@@ed as to do that. I would, though, and it makes me so ashamed of myself, yet, somehow, the behavior doesn't change. This cannot continue. This team deserves a leader that exemplifies all of the wonderful qualities they have, someone whose own behavior is on a par with that of the team as a whole.

To my team (paraphrasing Jack Nicholson's character in "As Good As It Gets") - You guys make me want to be a better manager (and person).


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