Procrastination and success don't mix (well)

Tuesday afternoon. Ugh. You know, if I was my manager or anyone that had to work with me on a large project, I'd shoot me. I am so reliable in my procrastination that it's frightening. Yes, once again, I've put off a project to the very last and am going to have to throw the darned thing together, inconveniencing everyone, including me. This time, I must say, my very weak iniative was further taxed by the fact that the other procrastinator on the management team is my co-project lead on this particular task. Basically, it's the lost leading the lost-er. So not a good thing.

One thing I'm not procrastinating on (thankfully) is my CASA training. I'm doing my reading and my assignments and tonight is my "mid-training interview" to see how I'm doing. As intimidated as I am by the responsibilities and processes, I'm so excited by the opportunity to show the world (or is it just myself I need to prove something to?) that I can do something worthwhile and I can take initiative and be strong and do something!

Oh, and there was a moment of panic last night as I contemplated the fact that I'd ordered a size smaller dress for my holiday party and the waistline is a lot smaller than mine at this point. I started hyperventilating and then I started trying on skirts that are too small for me, looking for one that had the same waist measurement as the dress, which I finally found. Turns out that it will fit, but it's got about 4" of elastic expansion, so it seems I'm about 4" too big for the dress right now. Is it do-able? Gosh, I hope so. I've got 7-1/2 weeks until the party, so that's like 1/2" every week. I don't know about this, so I'm going to do a little check-in with myself a couple of weeks before and, if it's just not looking good, I'll order a back-up dress. Bleah at weight and size!


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