Raise your hand if you're ready for the weekend

Friday afternoon. OK, is it a bad thing that I'm already totally tired and I haven't even made it to Saturday morning at 3:30am when I need to be out the door for my trip to San Luis Obispo? Yeah, I think so, too.

Things I need to do before I can go to bed tonight:

1. Pick up my rental car for the big trip north
2. Forty minutes of jogging/walking (1 min/4 min, repeat 8 times)
3. Eat dinner (this part is not hard)
4. Shower and get cleaned up
5. Get completely packed and haul bag upstairs, next to door
6. Lay clothes for tomorrow out, including undergarments, somewhere they cannot be missed by a zombie-like creature (that would be me)
7. Water thoroughly
8. Put food and water for two days out for cats
9. Fetch mail in (this is not something I do with any regularity because it's always just junk)
10. Put slide locks on all windows

Things to be done in the 30 minutes I will have between waking and hitting the road tomorrow:

1. Get into clothes (see #6 above)
2. Put meals for weekend in cooler with ice (along with appropriate utensils, now that I think of it)
3. Put both the ice chest and duffel bag (containing two workout outfits and my brand, spanking new pink iPod mini!!!) into car
4. Grab directions, my purse, and a couple of bottles of water, fire up the rented Ford Escape, point it north, and fall asleep

The itinerary for tomorrow includes a six hour (or so) drive to Morro Bay, where I pick up Tracy, then off to an afternoon of wine tasting in Paso Robles. I don't know how many wineries we will end up visiting because they all close at 5pm and that's a maximum of seven hours with long drives between the wineries. We shall see. Sunday morning is our 5K followed by lunch in Avila Beach and more wine tasting, then my lovely drive home. Driving down Highway 101 on a Sunday night is pretty much the surest sign of masochistic tendencies available today, so I'm looking forward to it. Then, Sunday night about 6pm (if all goes well), I'll be meeting Shannin, just in time for her to abandon us for the great midwest. WooHoo! Two awesome bloggers in eight days - I'm on a roll.

Someone remind me to tell you about all of the sad but really important stuff I learned in my "Child Abuse Basics" class in my CASA training last night. So sad.


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