Some w(h)ine and a little game!

Friday afternoon/evening. Hello, all you wonderful blogospherians! I am so completely ecstatic about today being Friday that I cannot express it adequately. I simply can't.

What I can say, however, is that today is one of those days when eating healthy sucks. After an all hands for our business unit ("BU"), we adjourned to the patio for a massive feast of (what looked like) delicious finger foods and champagne along with our normal Friday social hour acoutrements (sp?) - beer, wine, and sodas. What did your intrepid blogger have?

Did I have:
a. A little bit of everything, just to make sure it was all as good as it looked
b. Just the desserts because, well, it's the whole "bang for your buck" principle
c. Two words: Champagne, baby!
d. All of the above

Ha - trick question! The answer is "e" - none of the above. Yes, that's right, I didn't have anything. Not champagne. Not the mashed potato bar. Not the nachos and quesadillas. Nothing. I drank water and, later, grabbed three carrot sticks, a few pieces of celery, and a cherry tomato from the veggie stand. All of that strength of character and I still look like this? There is just no justice in the world.


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