All this space and nothing to say

Friday night. Blame it on the cold. Blame it on the lack of proper sleep for the past few days. Whatever the cause, I'm just not feeling clever today. It's not even 9pm yet, and my dearest wish is to go to sleep. I have this nagging sense of letting myself down by not writing something important, but I know I'll get over it.

p.s. I got my official CASA badge this morning at my final interview. All assignments are complete and turned in (with a glowing review of my written court report, no less!) and now all that remains is to be matched with a child or children that need someone like me. Somewhere in San Diego County tonight there is a sad child - scared, alone, confused - who feels like he doesn't have a friend in the world and wonders if he'll ever be able to trust adults again. He's probably stuck in a group home (modern equivalent of Dickens' orphanages) with none of his possessions or friends or anything familiar to him. He might even wonder if everything that's happened is his fault. In a few weeks, perhaps less, I get to start rebuilding his life with him, step by oh-so-painfully-slow step. I can't wait!


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