A (girly) girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do

Tuesday morning. It's a familiar routine and it all starts with the shoes. I peruse my collection, both the first round rotation (pumps, mules, sandals, loafers) and the second string (boots, flip-flops, and satin evening shoes) and choose just the right shoe for the day. With that important decision made, I move on to the infinitely easier choice of top and bottom (flippy polka dot skirt with pink tee? short black houndstooth skirt with cream mock neck? one of my suits with the cute white tee with seed pearls?) which easily leads to the foundational decisions (taupe plunge bra with matching bikinis or white lacy plunge with matching lace boy pants?). Then we enter the more difficult phase of the morning, where the accessories come to life and the outfit is won or lost. This earring with that necklace or a brooch and bangle? The final decisions are, of course, which purse to carry (match the shoes, compliment them, or go completely wild and make a statement?) and which lipstick to wear. (We'll leave the "gloss or not" discussion to another time.) Finally, I'm ready to face the world, properly dressed and armed with my laptop case, my purse, and - DUH! - my Voter's Guide.

Well, of course I'm not trying to mark up my Voter's Guide the morning of the election, do you think I'm crazy??? We've got like 20 initiatives between state, county, and city, not to mention 20 different elected offices to consider - not something to be rushed through. The Voter's Guide is always pulled out directly after dinner the night before, along with all of the Secretary of State's literature (I throw everything else out because it's all just hype and propaganda), and every candidate is studied and considered, every ballot measure read and then read again, so that I can confidently stride out the door on my way to the polls, knowing I've made the right choices for me and for my country. I might be wacky with my sartorial duties, but never with something as important as my vote.

Happy Election Day, America - let freedom ring!


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