A pleasant surprise for a Monday morning

Monday morning. I've updated my progress and before and after picture pages for this month and, I must say, I'm reasonably pleased. The pictures look no different (unfortunately), but at least they're no worse. The measurements, however, are finally (thank you, God!) showing signs of bending to my will. I've lost 5.4 pounds, 4.5% body fat, two inches from my waist, and three from my abdomen - yeah for me.

(Oh, and I probably should put up a warning or disclaimer about the pictures - don't view if you've just eaten or if you're faint of heart. Yes, I've made a lot of progress in five months, but I'm still probably the fattest person you've ever seen wearing so little, so view at your own risk and please, no nasty comments. I am, truly, working very hard to make it better, and saying horrible things about me doesn't help. Really. If it did, I'd never have gotten fat in the first place because I've heard them all before.)


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