A draining, icky, no-good Monday

Tuesday morning. I am so glad that Monday's over - ugh! This time of year, with my particular field of endeavor, is very busy and full of excitement (not necessarily the good kind) for a project manager with components in hundreds of products. Mondays are even more hectic than the rest of the week because work on the products continues over the weekend and brings with it multitudes of brain twisters for me before I've had my morning coffee. Still, I made it through the day without taking anyone's head off and that's always a good thing.

There has still been no decision in the "What will Denise wear to the VLSCI holiday party?" crisis, but I think we're getting closer. The unsightly bulge of my upper abdominal area makes it essentially impossible for me to wear the really hot red dress I was thinking about, so that's out. I'm sure it will be absolutely lovely on me in a few months, so there's my Valentine's dress! I've thought about wearing my Marina Rinaldi black crepe pant suit with a pretty camisole underneath and some awesome strappy sandals, but then I realized that I'm not a "wearing trousers to a holiday party" kind of girl. I've got several cute dresses that I could wear, but they're not really festive enough. Basically, it's down to either my two year old blue holiday gown or - in a late entry to the race - a sweater/skirt combo that I bought a few years ago. The sweater is black, extremely low cut, with a ruffle starting at the collar and continuing down the center as well as at the cuffs. The skirt is a houndstooth print with black leather trim and a fringe at the hem. Both pieces are curve hugging and actually look pretty nice on (always a bonus!), so they're a real contender. I honestly believe it will probably be Saturday afternoon when I make the decision. I will get a disposable camera to take to the festivities so that I can have someone take a picture of me in the winning outfit and will post it.

Hundreds of product releases and still not decided on my holiday party outfit - it's so tough being me!


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