Ho ho yawn

Tuesday afternoon. If I don't get a decent night's sleep soon, things are going to get ugly. I have no idea why I'm not sleeping well, but I'm definitely not. It's not that I'm not falling asleep early enough or am getting up too early, it's just that I don't feel refreshed in the morning and I'm exhausted by the time I get home at night. Blech!

On to more important subjects, today is a potluck day here in our department and it's been very yummy so far. I have eaten more than I normally would during the day, but I haven't made myself sick, and that's real progress, so I'm pleased. Tomorrow is a catered Chinese feast which I think I will skip entirely because it's just salt and fat and I will want to eat all of it.

I have so many things yet to do for the holidays and so little time remaining. Some things are just going to be put off until after the holidays (cards, for instance) and some will just not happen at all, and it will all turn out just fine, regardless. I don't have to be perfect or even close in order to be happy. I'm learning (slowly) that it's about prioritization.


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