I'm feeling very Madonna (pre-Sean Penn) today!

Tuesday evening. First things first, I've been a very bad blog buddy of late, and I'm really sorry. I've not been visiting everyone every day and I'm taking days and days to respond to comments. I'm really sorry, all, and promise to try to do better. Will you forgive me???

With that off my conscience, on to my explanation of this post's title. So, when I was a teenager (back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, Jenny), Madonna was happy-go-lucky and sang this really bitchen song called "Like a Virgin". I am hereby adopting that song as my mantra for today because...I have hit the virgin fat, people! Yes, unbelieveable but true, my trusty scale said "210.2" this morning and I haven't been below 211 since 1998 (and I was going the wrong way on the scale at the time). I have, officially, achieved the goal for my second Ten Percent Challenge (212.4), dropped into the virgin fat territory, and am only 4.2 pounds from another charm for my bracelet. (I would love suggestions on what that new charm should be, by the way. It needs to be 14K gold and I've already got my cherub/angel, can of mustard seed, and running shoe. Please leave suggestions in the comments.)

Folks, I am just blown away by how easy it is now. It's as though I hit some sort of "point of no return" when, if I can just keep at it long enough, my body gives up and stops fighting me for every ounce. I know you don't want to hear this, but the wonder of it all just astounds me. Even ten pounds ago, I could feel my body sticking its tongue out at me every time the scale wouldn't move, and I'd resigned myself to a slow but inexorable march down the scale. Whodda' thunk it?

There are so many things to be grateful for, so many blessings, so much happiness, that it sometimes overwhelms me completely and I am left quietly crying tears of joy and love, while all around me people develop Really Important Software. Ain't Life grand?


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