Is it that time, again???

Wednesday morning. I just finished my "first day of the month" housekeeping (weighing and measuring) and I'm a little discouraged. (See the results by clicking the link to the left under "My Progress". Sure, I lost some more weight (although I was down to 211 just yesterday morning, so that's not good, either), but I gained body fat and gained around my abdomen - GACK.

Of course, I started out in a bad frame of mind because my beautiful dress that I ordered for our holiday party arrived yesterday and (drum roll, please) it doesn't fit. The zipper is at least 3" away from meeting up around my chest, of all places. Yes, it does zip over IT (the beast, my stomach), but not over my chest, which is shrinking alarmingly. Stupid dress! I'm going to call my usual tailor to see if he can do something with it and then I'll try a bridal shop, but I'm not hopeful. I've got just over two weeks until the party and I'd imagine most places are going to be either too swamped or just not capable of the kind of work this is going to require (probably adding another panel to the dress using the matching wrap I'd ordered as a stand-in for a bolt of fabric, because that's, essentially, what it is). I tried on my dress from two years ago and it does fit, although it's really not flattering because it's a wee bit too lose, but everyone will remember it because it is very memorable. I also tried on a new, size 18, bright red dress that I'd ordered a while ago and which has been hanging, safe and secure, in my "size 18 closet", waiting for me to be able to wear it. Well, it fits, albeit tightly, and I'm not sure if it's such a good look or not, given that it emphasizes the fact that my upper abdomen is about the same size as my bust now. Grrr. Stupid dresses, stupid party!

This concludes our test of the emergency grumpy system. I'm going to go elsewhere now.


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