I've met the most wonderful guy!!!

Friday afternoon. No, not that kind of guy...my assigned foster kid (pseudonym = Alcott). I am absolutely the luckiest CASA ever because he is simply fabulous! I don't want to get all gushy, but I just can't help it. He's smart, funny, perceptive, sweet, clever, witty, and he is going to be a total heart breaker in about a year or so when he discovers girls. You can tell that he'll be a jock first though, and that the girls will like him a lot more than he pays attention to them. He's shy, which is really sweet, but, whenever he smiled, it just melted my heart. I knew we would click when I first saw him and he was wearing an Oakland Raiders ski hat. I love the Raiders, too, and we talked Raider football and Laker basketball all day long!

I know it doesn't even compare, but I sort of felt like the way that Carrie described it when she met Ella Bella for the first time. I know that I was supposed to become Alcott's CASA and that he has been waiting over two years for a CASA because I am the right one for him. I may never have children of my own, but this young man is going to have the most passionate, dedicated advocate ever and, as God is my witness, nothing bad will ever happen to him again or someone will witness my (rarely seen) wrath. No one hurts Alcott...no one.


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