Time for a little Spring cleaning

Wednesday afternoon. I think that it's time to clean up some junk that's just cluttering things up around here.

I refer primarily to my humble abode, which is such a disaster that I fear I may come home to find the cats have run away to protest conditions. I need to do laundry, clean up the accumulation of holiday-related stuff that is crowding every nook and cranny, go to the recycling center, and just do a general deep clean. I also need to go out on the balcony and toss the plants which are beyond help while cleaning up those that are still able to be saved. (Yes, I know, I'm a terrible plant mommy!)

Beyond the state of my housekeeping (or lack thereof), however, there is also the need to rid myself of the useless or that which doesn't contribute in a positive way to my life. There are commitments of my time which I've clung to out of a sense of duty or because I just don't have the strength to say "no". There are also possessions which have long since finished their useful life with me but which are still lurking because I hate getting rid of things (I'm sentimental that way). Still others that fall into this category are living beings - people I've met either online or in real life - that not only aren't adding anything to my life but are, in fact, through selfishness or some other less-than-charming traits, making me feel poopy about myself. Guess what? I no longer need them so I'm hereby setting them free to be happy in the world somewhere that I am not. Bless them for their wonderful qualities and take them far away from me.

I feel better already.


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