What fascinating thing does Denise have to share today???

Monday evening. I know that the title of today's post sums up your feelings about my recent postings. Yes, yes, yes, I know that things haven't been particularly "action packed" of late and yes, I'm becoming like the most introspective, self-obsessed person on Earth, but I'm sure I'll find something interesting to write about at some point. I mean, surely it must happen one day, right?

In the meantime, here's my homage to the "Twelve Days of Christmas". We'll call it the "Twelve Days of the Busy Season at VLSCI". Feel free to hum along - I am!

On the first day of Christmas, VLSCI gave to me: an approval liaison having a major meltdown. (Said approval liaison is a member of my team, just to provide some context.)

I can feel the excitement as you all hold your breath in anticipation of what the next 11 days will bring. Oh, I could tel you now, but that would ruin the surprise, wouldn't it? Let me just say this: today was not a decaf day. It was better than last week in that I didn't cry and didn't even have to stifle tears (now there's an accomplishment to put in my self appraisal!), but it's still our busy season, and there are still project managers and programmers who apparently missed the class on "How to Get What You Want From Others Without Being a Jerk" while getting their BS degrees. (Yes, I am an English Lit/Poli Sci graduate, what's it to you, Buddy???)

I'm going home.


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