Another day, another $1.50

Tuesday evening. Seriously, if we don't have a day without rain soon, I don't think we'll have any roads left. We've had several roads just completely collapse because they've been eroded away from underneath by all of the rushing water. I know it's inconceivable to those who live in wintery parts of the country to think that a few weeks of solid rain could cause such havoc, but you have to realize that we do not have the infrastructure to deal with it. Potholes are everywhere at this point and they're not even going to try to fix them until we get a dry spell. Last time I heard, that's going to be Thursday. Of next week. (I know, Shannin, it's nothing compared to where you are now, but surely you remember what three solid weeks of rain does to SoCal?)

Work was, well, work. This is probably the toughest week of the year for us and the number of times I heard, "if we don't get this sign off, the world as we know it will end" today is very large. The team that I manage has an "in" with the Powers that Be for all of the products that we have components in, so we're being asked to intervene on behalf of other teams' projects in order to get them out on time. Basically, if they're not into verification testing by Friday, the company stands to lose a lot of money. Given that we all get profit sharing when the company is profitable, you can see that we might all be a little concerned about that possibility. Fortunately, there aren't too many products that are in dire straights and, of that group, only one is mine and I think I've got an inside line to getting it out of trouble and into testing just by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin. Did I mention I have a lovely degree in English and American Literature that I'm doing nothing with?

So, I noticed today that they've got a way to see how each category in the BoB awards is shaping up. No news to me that I'm getting clobbered by Skwigg and Skinny Daily Post - they both have nearly double the number of votes that I do. Oh, well, that's the way the (flavored with Splenda) cookie crumbles. At least I have the satisfaction of knowing that I didn't misbehave or say stupid things about the other nominees in my category, which I understand has been happening in other categories. (For pity's sake, folks, it's just a website - get over it!) In any case, I really appreciate those who have, are still daily, or will at some point cast a vote for this site. I'm even more appreciative because I discovered Beckie, Tania, and J.T. through the BoB finalist listings, and now they are all treasured members of my blogroll. If that's not a good definition of "winning", I don't know what is!


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