Congratulations are in order

Whoops! In my earlier post, I'd meant to congratulate Silas both for his (still "unofficial") BoB win and for losing a total of 124 pounds so far - WOOHOO for Silas. Please, everyone go over and congratulate him because he truly deserves all of the kind words and praise he receives. As someone who's about halfway there, I can tell you "this ain't no cakewalk" and it takes someone really strong to do what he's done. Strength like that deserves to be noticed.

I also want to congratulate every one of the nine fabulous sites I had the honor of being nominated alongside in the Weight Loss/Fitness category because not getting the most votes doesn't mean you didn't win. I know for a fact that I "won" simply because of the fabulous new people I've met through this contest and because of the way it made me feel to be nominated.

Thank you to everyone that voted for me and to those that voted for someone else as well, because when you're struggling to lose extra weight, public affirmation and support can make all the difference.


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