Even bad days aren't that bad!

Thursday night. It was a long, arduous day at work followed by a 65 minute high-intensity cardio workout and I'm beat. Yes, I am truly dragging my butt at this point. To illustrate how tired I am, I'm actually contemplating skipping dinner because I'd have to stop off somewhere to pick it up and I just want to go and collapse on the couch. Denise skipping dinner? Has the Earth stopped rotating around the Sun???

You know what's cool, though? Even through all of today's travails, even as I was slogging through my workout, there was this little glow of contentment inside me that nothing could extinguish. It's there when I wake up in the morning and especially as I go to sleep, when I stop to count my blessings and give thanks. Throughout the week, people have been stopping me to tell me how fabulous I look, asking how much weight I've lost, and my former boss even said, "girl, every time I see you lately, you've just got this glow - you look fabulous." I won't pretend that the compliments from others aren't wonderful, because they are, but the best feeling of all is knowing that I think I am fabulous. At 206 pounds and holding. In a size 18/20. With a generous food baby. Just...as...I...am.


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