If you prick me, I will most definitely bleed

Friday afternoon. OK, I know I've been Little Mary Sunshine for a while now, and I have had requests from folks to let some of the negative stuff out in order to prove that I'm human. Rest assured, dearest readers, I am all too human, it's just that I'm starting to know what's really important and what's just noise.

Important: My mother's health
Noise: I haven't lost any weight since early December

Important: I've hurt someone important's feelings (several, actually)
Noise: Products that I have components in are not going to go on schedule (several, actually)

Important: For one of the products referenced above, I missed that fact that we were lacking approval to ship and neglected to send out a "do not send this product" email. Now the programmer is in big trouble from his project manager because the product has to be pulled out of testing and off of the latest CD. His words as he came through my door ("You told me they would be approved") and the look on his face ripped my heart out.

With everything I've got going on, it's inevitable that I'm going to miss something and product release dates slip nearly every day, but it's the fact that my lack of action has hurt someone else that has tears pricking the back of my eyelids. No, I won't cry. It takes more than this to make me cry at work, but, frankly, not a lot more. It's the end of a really poopy week here in my little corner of the VLSCI world and my maximum number of simultaneous (work-related) crises has already been exceeded. Is it 5pm yet?

You know what I'm thinking about, though? "Man, that 60 minute walk after work tonight is going to feel so good!"

Important: Knowing that even a bad day will pass and that food is never, ever the right answer to a problem.


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