Made for Each Other: My thoughts on naps, lazy days, and other sundry items of little interest

Sunday afternoon. I have just woken up from the most delicious mid-afternoon siesta. Yummy! This morning's activities consisted of running to: Starbucks (for a latte and scone - successful), Road Runner Sports (for another pair of my favorite running shoes and, possibly, some new workout clothes - unsuccessful), WalMart (for various household items, including kitty litter and Dryel sheets - successful), my trusty dry cleaners (to pick up the items left there on Christmas Eve - successful because they are open seven days a week!), and, finally, to La Salsa Mexican (to pick up an Original Gourmet Burrito with chicken - VERY successful). That business out of the way, I came home, had lunch, visited many blogs, read some of "The Love Letters of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett", and then, gratefully, settled in for my nap. Honestly, is there a more felicitous combination of events on a Sunday that isn't really a Sunday because one does not have to work on Monday? I think not.

Yesterday was a wonderful day, too, albeit much less lazy and more action packed. In the morning, I watched "Lost in Translation", then I went to work, worked out in the gym and afterwards went upstairs to my office to make two very important (and fruitless) calls for work. That accomplished, I headed home for lunch then showered, changed, and left for the Junior League house for four hours of effort toward a project to bring arts and crafts back to San Diego City schools. Once the work part of the afternoon was done, three of us went out afterwards for coffee and gelato (mmmm) in Little Italy, where we talked about boys and, well, boys. At about 5:15, I hopped back in my little car and drove out to the home that Alcott (my assigned CASA foster child) lives in to pick him up so that we could go to Seau's (a local football themed restaurant) and Target (to spend a $20 gift card he'd been given by a local charitable organization). At about 8:30, I dropped him off at home, full (huge teriyaki chicken sandwich, a mountain of fries, followed by a hot fudge sundae!) and with his new "Sims Unleashed" video game, and pointed the car in the direction of my house. When I got here, I found an email from the woman who is the CASA for Alcott's siblings (yes, they're all in foster care, too), telling me that she was taking them out for the day. Gosh, I wish I'd known because we could have met up somewhere, but then again, perhaps it's better that Alcott and I spend some time together just us two for a while, at least until he gets more used to me. In any case, Genevieve (the other CASA) and I stayed up chatting until after midnight which is what precipitated today being such a lazy day.

And I still have a day left in the weekend - bliss.


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