More finalists!

Saturday afternoon. I'm going to continue my profiling of BoB finalists in the weight loss/fitness category. is written by Tricey, a self-described "20something" with a very stylish site. She's getting her PhD in Food Science and Nutrition and hoping to become a Registered Dietician, too. Wow...just wow.

beckschallenge is written by Beck, and I think she and I might be twins (fraternal, of course - she's so much prettier) because she has so many of the same issues I do. She's got the "gift" of diabetes, too, which truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Anyway, my favorite quote from her site is "This will be my last New Year as a fat woman." Amen, sister!

I.ATE.A.PIE.NET is a site that provides "reviews of foods commonly eaten by dieters". Recent articles include "Cut calories without eating less", "Top 5 fast food choices", and "Fitness myths and lies". Do go over and check it out.

Journal of a Fat Loser is written by Silas, who's lost 120.6 pounds and has just 5.8 left to go. Omigosh - how inspirational is that??? He's running and is looking for advice on speeding up his 5K time, so Deb and Mia need to get over there and give him some good advice! (Everyone else go over and tell him that there's nothing wrong with doing 5K in under 29 minutes.)

What can I say about Erin's site? I am so in awe of the fact that my site's link is up there with hers. She's lost 40 pounds with 15 more to go and she's an athlete, which just gives me so much hope that I might get there one day, too. My favorite quote from her "About" page: Losing weight can do many things for you but it can't make you love or even just like yourself any more or less. If things weren't that way before, being "skinny" isn't going to change that. It won't make the grass on your lawn greener, your bank account bigger — though, unfortunately, that's debatable in this anti-fat society — or make your life perfect. Isn't that the truest thing you've ever read? Oh, yes, and she also managed to write a book this year.

Running Commentary is written by Pamalamadingdong, who talks about running a 13K the way I would going to the store to pick up some milk. I am simply in awe of how strong and fit she is!

JuJu at The Skinny Daily Post is one of my (and the entire weight loss/fitness universe) favorite reads. She lost 100 pounds back in 2001 and has been writing ever since about "helping readers form healthier habits by helping them find ways to live differently, think differently about maintaining their bodies, attend to their health, adopt lifelong body maintenance habits." She is a member of the Weight Loss Pantheon of greatness and I am endlessly honored to have been nominated alongside her.

Skwigg Blog is written by Renee, whose fitness routine includes martial arts and heavy weightlifting (check out the aptly named Burn Out Circuit!). She follows the Body for Life program and, I have to say, if you get to look like her afterwards, it must be worth it.

And I've already profiled Rebeka, one of my very good online friends, so that's the entire list. Remember, as they used to say in Chicago, "vote early, vote often."

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