Raise your hand if your workout tonight totally kicked your behind

Sunday night. That would be me with my hand raised. Well, sort of. At this point, I don't have the energy to raise it all the way, so it's sort of like I'm hailing a cab or making a left turn. I guess that's what burning nearly 600 calories in a workout will do to you. I'm not sore, so that's a good thing, just sweaty and exhausted.

Would whoever asked for southern California to be washed away in a torrent of rain please take it back? I know we can be obnoxious and self centered and oblivious to the rest of the country (because we are our own country...but I digress), but really, truly, we're not bad folks and I promise we're all ready to play nicely with others again. Really. Just make it stop raining!!! In the name of all that is holy - and I'm someone who loves the rain - to go from firestorms that came within two miles of my house last year to flash flood warnings and rain pounding down relentlessly for three straight days, well, all that I can say is I hope you all enjoy paying a lot more for your citrus, berries, lettuce, and other produce because this little cloud that's parked itself over the Golden State is going to do very bad things to all of the crops that are growing in the San Joaquin Valley, to say nothing of my poor flowers and plants on my balcony, which are looking really peaky from too much water. Who knew such a thing was possible in a desert?


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