Should auld acquaintance be forgot...blah, blah, blah

Saturday morning. Yes, I'm really going to do one of those maudlin "what I did in 2004" posts, so you can skip it if you'd like.

Before I launch into that, or, rather, as the prelude to it, I've just finished updating My progress page, where I keep my official weight and measurements, and my Before and After page, where I keep the pictures I take each month. Well, the good news is that all of the numbers are down this month (woohoo) and the unfortunate news is that you still can't see any difference in the, um, "food baby" (a kinder, gentler term for my stomach, courtesy of Georgia). That piece of my anatomy is hanging on for all it's worth, that's for sure! Oh, well, as long as I keep eating properly and exercising for an hour a day, four or five times a week, it's bound to submit to my will at some point.

So, the final tally for 2004 looks something like this:

I've lost the following since March 16 -
* 55.4 pounds
* 8.2% body fat
* 8.75" from my waist
* 8.25" from my abdomen
* one fiancé

Things I've gained in the same time period -
* legal responsibility to ensure the well-being of one foster child, age 13
* several new real life friends, gained through my CASA training
* a whole new wardrobe as I donated to charity three sizes worth of clothes that got too big
* an appreciation for being single
* one or two new readers for this site (thank you both!)
* newfound respect for myself, my body, and my life, and...

* one charm bracelet with four charms, each to represent 10 pounds lost on my journey (please note the latest acquisition, on the far left, commemorating the 50 pound loss I achieved as of this morning's weigh in!)

Happy New Year, everyone - may 2005 bring you good health and much happiness!


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