Who finally got off her duff and got all of the Christmas stuff down?

Sunday morning. Yes, that would be me. I didn't put much up, to be honest, because I was busy at work, busy with my CASA stuff, and busy working out as much as possible to combat all of the fattening foods being eaten, and still it took me until after twelfth night to get it down. Bad Denise, bad!

I had a great time at the Junior League meeting yesterday and met some great girls. We were broken into smaller teams, in order to really get to know one another and feel comfortable, which I think is a fabulous idea, and I volunteered to put together a Yahoo group for my team, in order to facilitate communication. It's already up and running and it looks like most of the girls have joined without any problems, which is always a plus. We have a General Meeting on Tuesday and a few of us from our small team are going to get together for dinner prior to the start of the meeting which ought to help us from feeling overwhelmed at the enormity of the entire League.

I went out for my walking workout yesterday in the rain and, surprise!, when you're prepared for it, it's actually a lot of fun. I sort of overdressed, though (Goretex outer layer, Polartec mid-layer, CoolMax tank top), and ended up having to unzip the Goretex and Polartec to let air in. Lesson learned - less is definitely more when you're working out. I just didn't think I'd be pushing myself hard enough to work up a really good sweat, but I was definitely wrong. By the time I got home, after an hour of fairly easy walking, the Polartec was completely drenched and gross. Thank goodness for washing machines.

Speaking of washing machines, it's laundry day at Chez Denise (and not before time, either!), so I'm going to go switch loads before heading out for today's workout. A (geeky) girl's work is never done!


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