Can you day dream in the evening???

Thursday night. I'm in the midst of trying to smush the work of three very different writers (two of whom, I fear, have seriously OVER cited their material) into one cohesive paper with correctly formatted references. You know, I understand that the University wants to simulate a real world environment by having us work in teams, but honestly, I wish I could just be responsible for my own fate. I feel pressured to work on a schedule I'm not comfortable with and I don't want to change anything significant in their content because, well, that would be wrong. What they wrote is what they wrote and I just need to make it flow properly and make sure it's grammatically correct. I'm also afraid that they're going to be mad that I've only got two references for my page of material, but I purposefully didn't want to go too heavy on the references (I hate that, it's so distracting when you're reading). Seriously, couldn't I just be a team by myself?

Moving on, I'm musing on the question of whether it's still a day dream if it's dark out. You see, a certain young man (as my mother would say) keeps coming to my thoughts, unbidden. His clever repartee and charm make me smile each time I see his name pop up in my inbox. I think silly, lazy, disorganized thoughts about love and laughter and the Impossible Dream, even as I know that it is madness to contemplate walking through that neighborhood. The gentleman in question, I'm certain, has no such thoughts about me, but I have to ask myself, is a life lived safely really worth the effort? Is it better to stay on the shore or should we sail our boats confidently onto the open water and find what lurks just beyond the edge of what we know? Unlike cats, we have only one life to live. When lived properly, however, I believe that once can be enough.

Now, where did I leave my APA style guide???


Anonymous said…
"Is a life lived safely really worth the effort?" I'd have to go with no. That unless you take a few risks, your life will be full of regrets, or "I wish I'd..". Having said that, I'm shockingly shy, so certainly shouldn't be handing out do you know he hasn't thought of you? Hmmm? ;) Intelligent clever women like you don't grow on trees!
Rebecca said…
The older I get (Yes I know I'm only 22) the more I think about taking the risk and sorting out the details later.

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