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I received the email below from Naomi, one of my four readers and want to let you all know.

Hi Denise,

I've been reading (and been inspired by) your blog for a while now, though I'm not
much of a comment-leaver. I'm so impressed by the way you've taken control of your life and turned into something that makes you happy--and not just the weightloss stuff, though that's pretty impressive.

I've been trying to do the same in my life--transitioning from the easy-to-follow path from high school to college to first job to well, now what? And for me, part of
that "now what?" has been trying to conquer something that I had thought I couldn't do: lose weight and exercise regularly.

In January, I took another step in this goal. I signed up for Team in Training to run
a marathon. I'll be participating in the Mayor's Midnight Sun Marathon, in Anchorage, AK, on June 18th, and I wouldn't have believed it if you had told me
this six months ago, but I'm having the absolute best time training for it.

Team in Training is helping by providing a coach, a schedule, teammates, and lots of advice and encouragement. In return, I have pledged to raise $4,200 for their parent organization, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The money I raise will go to patients and their families, to help them learn about blood cancers and deal with the life effects of treatment. It will also go to doctors and researchers who are
searching for cures. Together, my teammates and I will raise over $700,000 to fight blood cancers.

I'm writing to ask a favor of you, since your site gets so much more traffic than mine. I was hoping you might mention my marathon and fundraising goals on your
website, in case any of your readers would be inspired to contribute. I am happy to
provide more information about what I'm doing and about the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, but you can also go to the websites of Team in Training or the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. You can also read about my training at my blog.

If anyone wants to contribute, they can do it at my secure site. All contributions are tax deductible, and no donation is too small.

Thanks for your time. Keep posting--I need my daily fix!

Best wishes,

In celebration of Sarah and all of the others out there who are battling the heck out of blood related cancers, please consider donating.


Anonymous said…
That is a great cause, thanks for the info. Now, who knew you were such a whore?! I love you even more now! I'm so glad that you had fun and have a new swish to your hips. You are right, confidence is everything. Mwah!
slow poke kate said…
Greetings from London, Denise! :)

I travelled over via "Chasing the American Dream" and thought I would say hello. I love your site! Very inspiring!! I will be back for more great reads in the future, no doubt!!!

Enjoy your week! And thanks for sharing your life with complete strangers ;)

Island Girl

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