Getting to the party a little late, aren't you???

Friday afternoon (thankfully). Who had her first study group session last night? Who totally had all of the answers nailed for the first assignment? Who really needs to stop talking about herself in the third person? Yes, that would be me! Ah, narcissism, thy name is Denise.

In any case, I must throw a minor hissy fit now. **Stamping foot and looking pouty** Why did no one tell me how totally awesome "Sex and the City" is??? Yes, yes, yes, I know it's been off the air for like an entire year and started like six years ago, but I don't have HBO and had never watched an episode until I bought the first season DVD just before Christmas. Now, with the addition of my Netflix account, I have been luxuriating in four or five episodes a night, every night. I just finished the first five episodes of season four (Charlotte and Trey working things out, Carrie and Aidan back together, etc) and am totally wrapped up in the world of these four women. I love Stamford and wish he was my buddy, too! I want Charlotte's wardrobe! I am so addicted that I can hardly wait to race home, put the next DVD in the laptop, strap it to the treadmill, and pound out an hour or so of feeding my addiction and working my butt off simultaneously. Life just doesn't get any better.

Oh, wait, yes, it does!!! Guess who tried on one of her new (size 18) non-stretchy skirts from Lane Bryant this morning to find that it fit even better than it did earlier this week when it arrived??? (OK, seriously, cut it out with the third person stuff.) When I sucked in just slightly, I literally couldn't believe how good I looked. I mean, I know I've lost all kinds of weight (approaching 56 pounds since June) and have moved to a happier, less weight-obsessed place mentally, but...well, WOW. How can I describe it? So, for my fellow fat girls out there, you know how there are "real" fat girls and then those girls that just need to lose some weight (but are still touted as "plus size models" just to torment us)? I almost looked, well, like a normal girl with a weight problem. [Now, seriously, please don't anyone write and tell me that I'm already "normal" because I know that - this is just something you'd have had to be 100 pounds or more overweight to understand. I'm fine, I love myself as I am, I'm just telling you how it is in the fat world.] If it feels this good now, I can't even imagine what it will be like when I'm in size 16, 14, or (should I even dare write it?) 12!

Love is all around, kids, so let's all reach out and grab some.


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