Going, going, gone

Tuesday night. I'm so very tired. My eyes are burning with the effort of staying open, my lower back is sore, and my brain is almost pure mush. Studying until 11pm on Sunday, class until 10pm last night, up early today, four hours of meetings at work, a two hour book club meeting, and finally, a two hour meeting for Junior League, and this girl is pooped!

Tomorrow night is workout (premiere of the new and improved 66 minute walk) then 2-4 page paper to be sent to my team mates for review. Hopefully I'll be in bed by 10pm - that's my goal. Thursday is Alcott's brother's basketball game, but that will be over by 7:30pm, so I should be home and able to do some reading for school by 8:30pm at the latest. Friday night is a night off - thank goodness! - with a Junior League project (Libraries Now - donating books and bookshelves to new teachers for use in their classrooms) on Saturday morning from 9am to 1pm. Saturday afternoon at 2pm is Alcott's basketball game, which should be over about 3:30pm. I'm not sure if we'll do anything after his game, that's up to him. I think I'll be happy either way and a little extra vegging time wouldn't go amiss at this point. Sunday afternoon from noon to 4pm is time to do more reading for class and finish up my other assignments (if I didn't manage to get them done Thursday night), then I'm meeting some of my Junior League friends for a single girl pre-Valentine's dinner at 6:30pm at Dave and Buster's.

From nothing to do to nearly no free time in just four months - amazing!


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