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Friday morning. Today, I'd like to take a moment to promote a couple of the lovely sites on my blogroll. Now, I know that you've all perused these sites before because surely you have memorized all of the sites on the left margin, right? No? Well, today's your lucky day, my friend!

Just Me by Wendy deserves a visit simply because she owns (and uses!) a honest to goodness tiara. I am firmly of the belief that more girls need to understand the power of the tiara, so please do go over and appreciate her lovely words.

And, Sassy Little Punkin by Lindsay. She's a published author and incredibly entertaining young lady. She's also from the land of eternal sunshine (except today, of course - rain again) and endless silicone - aka southern California.

Now, I'm going to pop a few things into the Dryel bag to be freshened for today's foray into the world. Tonight, Alcott's older brother will be making his debut on the varsity basketball team and I'm going, so must look presentable. Current thinking has me in a black silk/cashmere mock neck sweater, black wool trousers, my trusty black D&B tote, black heeled loafers, and bright red wool coat. Happily, their team colors are black and red - fortuitous, don't you think?


Cori said…
I think that is just grand. Thanks for the links to those fabulous sounding blogs.I will have to go check them out!!
Unknown said…
You make me blush with the attention! Thanks Denise, hang in there during the rains and just remember, spring is around the corner :)

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