How long does it take to write a 2-3 page paper???

Monday evening. Well, in a display of raw procrastinatory talent rarely witnessed in captivity, I managed to bang out what I think was a halfway decent paper tonight before class. I had all of the assignments completed and all of the readings done - I felt good. I won't be able to procrastinate the paper due next week because our study team assignment for the week is to read each others' papers and we decided to put a Friday end of day deadline to get them sent to everyone. OK, so, let's see...I've got a Junior League meeting tomorrow night until 8pm and Alcott's brother's basketball game until 7:30pm Thursday night, so I guess I'll be writing my (2-4 page) paper on my personal strengths and weaknesses (at least I've got a head start on that one, huh?) Wednesday night after I do my 66 minute walking workout.

Speaking of my workout, I've decided to start increasing my time each week again. Way back when, in June, when I first started this little journey, I could only walk 20 mintues at a time, so I just kept increasing the time by 10% each week until I hit 60 minutes. Now, based on the new governmental guidelines for losing weight, I need to be doing 90 minutes of exercise most days, which is going to be four or five days a week for me, I think. I've already started increasing the intensity of my workouts, so now it's just a matter of keeping at it a little longer. With Samantha, Miranda, Carrie, and Charlotte to keep me company, six extra minutes is no big deal.

Now, would anyone like to contribute to my paper for next week? If so, please leave your suggestions for my strengths in the comments. (I have plenty of material for the weaknesses, thankyouverymuch!)


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