It's awfully quiet around here

Sunday afternoon. Gosh, there aren't very many new posts out there this afternoon and it's really quiet on the road by my house, too. Is there something going on?

Yes, I do know that the Super Bowl is on, but I'm just not into it this year. Actually, I'll confess that I haven't watched since 2002, when my beloved Oakland Raiders had their hats handed to them by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yeah, that was pretty much enough to put me right off for a very long time.

In any case, thank you to all of the lovely folks who commented on my last post. You'll be happy to know - or, at least, I am happy to note - that I'm doing much better today. I think it was just hormones or something equally useless and transitory. Now that I think of it, though, that kind of thing would have knocked me for a loop and taken weeks or even months to shake off not that long ago, so perhaps it's really a victory that it was only one night? Hmmm, I'll think about that some more.

I have gotten so much done today while avoiding my homework - woohoo for me! Oh, wait...procrastination is not a good thing, even when I get a lot of other worthy things done in the meantime. I have a 2-3 page paper due tomorrow that I haven't even started, not to mention three chapters to read before tomorrow night. Gah! Seriously, anyone know if there's like a pill or operation or hypnosis thing that they can do to make you stop putting every freakin' thing in the world off until the last minute? Would a procrastinectomy be covered by my insurance, do you suppose???

Now, where's my vacuum? These floors are atrocious!


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