Moving right along

Thursday morning. So, one of the comments to my last post pointed something very powerful out to me: the answer to "why isn't he communicating?" is that he's just not that into me. If he were into me, he'd tell me what was bothering him. Wow, that's so liberating! I am totally free of angst or drama now about this little blip on the radar and am moving on.

This week has been sort of less stressful than other weeks of late. My only assignments for school are to put together a Powerpoint presentation for the chat our learning team will do for the class on Monday and to finish up my paper, which I've already done the draft for. It's amazing how much freer I feel just knowing that I'm on track to be successful in this class and that I've already got everything for the first two weeks of my next class printed out and ready to go. I don't know if it's just an illusion, but it does seem that there's moderately less reading each week in the next class than this one, too, which is always a plus. Of course, that might be because he's going to have us doing learning team activities that are off the chart or something like that, but we shall see.

My weight hasn't really been much of a topic lately, has it? Well, it hasn't gone up and it hasn't gone down. My clothes fit perfectly, perhaps a wee bit looser, and, to be honest, I'm pretty darned happy about where I am. I do definitely need to get on it again and - this is important - I want to be below 200 pounds, but, other than that, I think I'll stick around this current size for a little while. I can't afford new clothes with the car payment anyway!

Boring entry, I know. Sometimes, though, not having anything interesting to share is an indicator that life is good. Very, very good.


poopie said…
Yeah...boyz R wierd :)
I don't think any of your posts have EVER been boring.
Anonymous said…
When I was going on and on about Jason someone quoted something from a book that obviously he just wasn't into me.

Sure, okay - yes I understand - doesn't make me hurt any less! But I am the type of person that takes everything to heart - I can well up on a no for anything.
staying the same for a while is okay :-)
Argy said…
Maintaining is also a task we all need to master. So consider this period as a training one ;o)
theaddict said…
I also don't think you're ever boring. And I love how you can get insight from comments. It is one of the things I love most about blogging.
M@rla said…
Denise, I SO want to be under 200. You and I have been neck-and-neck for a long time. I can't wait until we get there.

That whole "He's not that into you" thing? Annoying but true. I mean in general, I'm not analyzing your particular sitch. But take it from an old woman (43), it explains so much of what was previously unfathomable about boys. It's just so hard to admit sometimes, but as you say, it can also be liberating. Accept and move on.
Rebecca said…
You're right. Sometimes staying right where you are is a good thing. Happy Friday!

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