My sordid Friday night, Part Deux

Saturday afternoon. Yes, I got my laptop back. Yes, I made it to class right on time this morning. Yes, I was still a little drunk when I woke up, but I'd managed to work through most of that before class actually started. Yowsa, I haven't done anything crazy like that in a few years and I'm sure I won't do it again for about as long, but it's good to remember that I'm still a woman and that I can still take a man's breath away just by using my lips and, um, other parts. *Sly grin*

Finding free parking downtown on a Friday night - rare
Watching your learning team co-members getting cozy - interesting
Feeling a (very hot) grown man shiver when you hesitate your lips over his - amazing

Nothing looks better on a woman than confidence. I'm hoping that the new swing in my hips will stick around for a while - I like it.


Anonymous said…
Hey, there's nothing wrong with a little fun :) You are WOOOOMAN.
Anonymous said…
W00T! Go you - snogging gorgeous men about town - I'm jealous!

Swing those hips - what a woman!
Argy said…
Now that was a post that totally made my morning!
Tis why were made use those lips...swing those hips! Hooray!!!!!!
brent said…
oh this is getting juicy! go denise! tehe :)
theaddict said…
Oh wow. That is all I can say. I'm speechless. Sounds exciting.
Ms Gigglepuss said…
Gosh! I stay away from checking out one of my favorite spots, and you make out with a stranger!! Love that confidence in you!!
Ah..I'm snogging years.

oh and Hello, Michele sent me.
M@rla said…
Holy cow Denise! What a perfect adventure, including your wise decision to be in control of where and when it ended. I'd probably have continued to drink and ended up giving a bl*w j*b in the alley!

I mean, ummm... not really.
chanceofbooks said…
You are doing amazing!! And you are right, that confidence looks amazing on you :) :) :)

Thanks for stopping by today :)

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