Um, I studied this morning!

Wednesday night. Yes, for the first time since December, 1990, I studied for class this morning. We had to read through the "Little Brown Handbook" and find where they covered topics like "how to define your thesis statement" and "how to format a reference to an online source" - sort of a grown up scavenger hunt. There were 15 such things we had to find in the book, so my study team decided to divvy them up and each do three. When I suggested that we all ought to do all 15 so that we could learn more, they looked at me like I was some kind of freak. Is it so wrong to think that I want to learn everything that I can from this class? I know that the learning team model is supposed to enhance the educational process, but I really think that we could all find all of them and then compare notes to make sure everyone came up with the same answer. Am I one of those annoyingly uptight kids now? You know, the ones that threw off the curve for everyone and made you want to smack their self-righteous smiles off of their uptight little faces? Gosh, I really hope not!

In any case, I need to sit down and put studying on my calendar just like any other appointment. If I'm not organized about this, I'm going to end up trying to slam together my papers (I have a 2-3 pager due on Monday on challenges I expect to face in returning to school) and I just do not want to be like that. That's how I've always been as a student but I'm doing this because I want to...this is about me, not about anyone's expectations, and I want to do well to prove to myself that I can. If that sounds dorky, so be it! I don't care about my grades, I just want to learn as much as possible and become a better student and manager.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I just finished 60 minutes of walking on my home treadmill (I got it to work again!!!) and I think I hear a nonfat, decaf, sugar free vanilla latte calling me from Starbucks.


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