Worth it

Saturday afternoon. It's been a full day here at Casa Denise and I'm not done yet.

This morning, bright and early, it was up and at it to get my paper put together and sent out for review. Yes, you'd be right if you said that I was supposed to have that done last night. I just knew that, when I got home last night, I just wasn't in the right mindset to write. Work for the last few days has really taken it out of me and my brain just wouldn't work properly. Instead, I got up early and did it this morning before leaving for Junior League. When I got home just now, though, the comments I received from one of my team mates sort of threw me, so I'm going to put it out to you. She says that I need to re-write some of my sentences to be less wordy and that I string them together with too many commas. While my paper is, obviously, a lot more formal than my writing here, it is very similar in mechanics and style. Do you guys think I use too many commas? I think I did that in my first paper and got an A, so I'm loathe to change too much from my "winning formula" but I don't want to get dinged for it. Leave comments if you have an opinion.

Today has been another "off" day, diet wise, but do you know what? I'll workout tonight for 66 minutes, I'll get all of my water in, there's no bingeing involved, and no one will die because I'm making poor eating choices. I'll be a size 16 (then 14 and perhaps even 12) one day regardless and it's so worth the extra calories to sit next to Alcott, eating a coffee lover's delight while he munched on his absolutely huge pile of cheesecake ice cream with strawberries mixed in. I don't regret a single calorie because 13 year old boys don't last and this one is really special.

Buying the extra large size ice cream at Coldstone is about $5.50. Spending time with a fabulous young man on a rainy Saturday afternoon is priceless.


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