Day 2: Some progress is made

[Still no comments. I'm really enjoying the silence and the feeling of writing for myself. They'll go back on soon, though, I promise.]

Sunday night. Well, I did 45 minutes of walking last night, I managed to stay on plan for two out of three meals today, and I'm feeling a lot better about the whole healthy lifestyle thing. I did an hour walk tonight, too, and I went outside for a change, which I think really helped. No music, either, just my thoughts, my shoes, my lungs, and me for an hour. Good for thinking things through and getting clarity on confusing issues.

I woke up this morning bound and determined to shake up my routine and get things flowing in a positive way. I packed up Esme the Escape, popped on a straw hat, shorts, and Keds, and headed out for the Anza Borrego Desert. I've been hearing about how amazing the desert wildflowers are this year because of all the rain, so I decided to go out and see for myself. Turns out that, while it was beautiful out there, the real show is at Death Valley, which is a whole lot further away. Now I'm thinking I'll be taking a little longer road trip next weekend, possibly even an overnight.

Tomorrow, I'm striving to get all of my meals back on track, get in enough water, and not snack. We'll see how it works out, but that's the plan.

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