Day 3: Feeling/doing better (I think)

Tuesday morning. Well, all of yesterday's meals were on target and I managed about half of the water I hoped to drink, so that's all good. I didn't quite get the "no snacking" thing because I had about 10 bites of popcorn, but it was a whole lot better than previous days.

I think Marla might have been right when she suggested I might be having a panic attack, as things seem to have settled down quite a bit just since I put fingers to keyboard and got it all out of me. I don't know, maybe it's just hormones.

This wasn't really such a fascinating post, was it?


theaddict said…
I've been reading and wanting to email you over the last few days but thought since you turned off comments you were probably better left alone with your thoughts. Sometimes I know I just need to vent and turn things over in my mind. I'm glad to see you're feeling better. :)
Brooke said…
I'm glad you're feeling better, too. You know, I was serious the other day when I said that maybe you ARE enough. The only person who doesn't see that seems to be you, sweetie.

I say it because I struggle with the same thing, and usually I need someone to pop me upside the head with that absolutely revolutionary thought before I get it: that maybe I'm enough, just as I am. THat maybe life is hard and frustrating sometimes, but that's not necessarily an outgrowth of me being all flawed and nasty. That maybe I'm exactly where I need to be, and exactly WHO I need to be.

So take heart, sweetie. And know you've got friends who think you're terrific as is.
I thought of emailing, too, but decided to respect the privacy you requested. No other person one earth can fill that hole inside you, but I think you really know that.

I'll spare you the sermon, and let you figure out where I'd be going with this if I kept going. Which I won't!
Anonymous said…
My goodness, don't feel the need to be exciting for us! It's great to meet normal people in the blog world, who have probs we can all relate to ... glad you're feeling better too!
Michele said…
Oh, sweetie. I had to pause when I opened the comment box and remind myself not to offer words of encouragement (which is difficult not to offer), but simply to say: I understand. I truly do understand Denise.

Loving thoughts and hugs are being sent your way.

Oh, and it is NOT possible for you to write a non-interesting post, because you are so very interesting...simply because REAL is interesting.
slow poke kate said…
yeah! we are back in :) Of course this was a great post! It is always nice to be able to relate to other women and you are just that! Someone I realte to. That in itself is enough for me to read daily.

Enjoy your week, and chin up.

M@rla said…
I thought this was a fascianting post! Any post that mentions me by name is a good one :P

Glad you're feeling more like yourself.
Anonymous said…
OK so add me to the list of people that were going to email, but thought better of it :)
Glad to see you are working your way through things - and no, it was NOT a boring post 'cos we all pop in everyday to see you because you are NEVER boring!
Plantation said…
You've got tons of support here. Sure you have lots to sort out, but knowing you have this community of support is comforting. We all have issues, girl. We're all struggling. You're not alone. I'm glad you posted about it. One day at a time, just like you said. May the force be with you.

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