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Tuesday afternoon. First and foremost, I want to welcome Kim to the blogging world. She's got a great site with wonderful thoughts about being healthy and taking care of yourself, so please go over, say hello, and consider making her one of your regular reads, too.

Next up is the good news that it's virtually a lock that I'll get an A in my class. Our last class was last night and we got 9.8 of a possible 10 on our group presentation, with kudos (to me!) for the Powerpoint design and the depth of the material presented. The professor also complimented us, after class, on the way that our paper flowed together and was cohesive stylistically. "That would be my contribution," I wanted to say, but I didn't. It doesn't matter if he knows that it would have been a disjointed mess without the intro, transitions, and conclusion, all of which I wrote. Funny that one of my teammates ridiculed the conclusion, essentially saying that it was simplistic. Well, my "simplistic" conclusion helped the entire team get an A on the paper, too (9.7 of 10). I don't think I've ever been as grateful to have a class over and done with as I was last night, and not because of the subject matter or instructor.

Finally, I talked to my friend, Tracy, from 10:15pm (when I got home from school) until nearly midnight and am really inspired by what she's doing with her health right now. At first, I started feeling threatened, because she's been really successful (on the scale especially) of late, and, well, my weight just isn't going anywhere (see my updated progress page for proof). Then I looked at what I've achieved in just under a year - nearly 60 pounds gone and ten inches off of my waist and abdomen - and that's not too shabby, either. I am hovering around the 200 mark and I'm really not sure why I seem to have lost the motivation to get it done and over with, but it just isn't there any more. If it's a question of a snack of MnMs or losing another pound, I seem to be choosing the MnMs. I'm not gaining, I'm not giving up, I'm just not doing what I need to do, and that has me a wee bit worried. Perhaps Tracy's achievements will give me the nudge that I need to get off my duff (literally!) and get this thing done? Let's hope.


Sometimes, when a goal we've been hoping for and has seemed unatainable is within our reach, we find it hard to let go. Perhaps going belos 200 seems to be so much of a change right now, that subconciously you aren't quite ready to go there yet. Or perhaps those m&m's are just too tasty lol!! Either way, you inspire me all the time, and I KNOW that when you're ready, for whatever reason, you'll get there!!!!
Good luck getting your motivation back!! You've come this far--you can finish it up.

I'm sure the stress of going back to school isn't helping, but look how well you're doing at that, too.
Kathryn said…
It's so easy to forget or downplay what you've achieved and, wow, 60 lbs - that's fantastic!

That feeling of being threatened by someone else's success is just the worst, isn't it? It is something I'm trying to conquer cos I hate feeling so mean and petty and it isn't like their success is holding anyone else back (not unless you find the lbs they lose)... there's plenty of weight loss victories to go around :)
Anonymous said…
When we work hard we reward ourselves by having a rest ie the weekend or a few days away or a nice meal out etc ... well, you've been working hard, you've lost a lot, relax, you'll get your motivation back! Don't beat yourself up about a few weeks off the wagon .. as long as you're not eating the whole bag of MnM's you're still doing ok ... and will do even better when you climb back into the saddle and start back 'on the job' :)
Argy said…
You aint telling all the truth ;op
I checked the progress page and I saw a drop in the abdomen and more importantly, I saw you up less than 2 lbs and yet DOWN on body fat % by almost 1%!!!! So that means muscles me lady!!! Strength!!! Don't you just underestimate these small changes. They all add up!!!! Now please, have a nice brisk walk on me!!! *hugs*
Kris said…
I'm in the same boat as far as motivation goes, Denise. But I know you can do it! And, well, I guess I know I can too. :)

My weight loss blog:
slow poke kate said…
Your before and after pictures are amazing!!! You are transforming! Really, this is inspiring. I know you probably do not realise how far you have come... but as an outsider looking in, I must say you are doing remarkable. Keep posting your pictures and find creative ways to motivate yourself. It looks like you have many people behind you cheering you on! Life is a risk. Getting out of bed, going to the gym.. those are all risks. yet, taking the chance is well worth it in the grand scheme of things. You are improving your life and that is something to be proud of.
xx Island Girl.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the class and getting through it with an A!!
ABC said…
Don't forget, while we all need other sources to look to for inspiration, such as your friend Tracy for you, you have still been and remain a huge inspiration for a lot of us out there. Even when you might be a little down or lacking some oomph, you're still helping me see that I need to get off of my ass! So Tracy, thanks for inspiring Denise, 'cause she inspires us!
Rebecca said…
Don't ever forget/discount how far you've come. It's simply amazing.
I just came across your site and looked at your "before and after" pics - you already look AMAZING! I know I don't know you but I definitely know where you are coming from. Just know that some stranger out there in internet-land thinks you are doing great!!!
theaddict said…
Sorry it has been a while. Congrats on the A by the way. Also, I think that as long as you are okay mentallly with maintaining your weight then you shouldn't stress to much about it. I'm sure you will begin to lose again once you are ready for it.
Unknown said…
60lbs isn't anything to sneeze at! You rock, as stated many times before, and don't let anyone tell you differently. So much as been going on lately, I'm sure you're brain is just trying to adjust. Besides, a break from the dieting does some good every now and then. I'm not talking going crazy, just a break.

As for inspiration, well, you know you inspire me. It helps to know that three time zones away is someone struggling with the same problems I am. And succeeding. *hugs* and hang in there :)
Ms Gigglepuss said…
Oh gosh girl, you've come so far....and you're not moving back up the scale! You inspire me to keep going :) And thanks for the link to Kim!!

Way to go on nailing that A!
Anonymous said…
"Then I looked at what I've achieved in just under a year - nearly 60 pounds gone and ten inches off of my waist and abdomen - and that's not too shabby"

Damn straight! One thing I am super guilty about is that I do not remember my successes. I think it's important to remember your success when you hit a snag, so good for you for keeping it in mind! I'm so proud of how well you've done.

Also, I wonder if your suddenly full schedule is what is killing your motivation? You've got some new, exciting priorities in your life. Could it be that you are just crazy busy?

I don't mind plateaus, as long as I don't start gaining. Eventually, and especially if I apply myself, things start moving in the right direction again. :)
Argy said…

I have serious withdrawls.

Update please!!!

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